Morel Hybrid 602

Morel Hybrid 602

799.00 лв.

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799.00 лв.

16,5cm, премиум двукомпонентна система, 140W RMS, 91dB

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12 x 77.89 лв.
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Some proclaim the Hybrid as one of the best sounding speaker systems we produce, and the latest generation takes it steps closer to perfection. At the heart of the new Hybrid is an unconventional, innovative and highly effective Hybrid magnet system. These Hybrid woofers are now paired up with our famed MT230 tweeters and MXR crossovers to deliver extraordinary sound that’s even more pleasing to the ear than before.

The addition of the Hybrid Integra expands the installation options of the Hybrid series. Morel’s Integra concept minimizes phase error and allows the sound field to be constant in all directions, making it easy to achieve audiophile grade performance even when space is limited. Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 4
Power Handling Wrms 140
Max. Trans.Pwr Handling Wrms 600
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) 91dB
Frequency Response Hz 35-3000
Resonant Freq. Fs Hz 45
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 54 (2.1)
Voice Coil Height mm (inch) 11 (0.47)
Voice Coil Type/ Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire HexatechTM Aluminum
DC Resistance (Ohms) 3
Voice Coil Induct. @1 kHz (MH) 0.22
Magnet System Hybrid rear vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height mm (inch) 4 (0.16)
B-Flux Density (T.M.) 0.83
BL Product/BXL 4.2
Max. Linear Ex./Xmax mm (inch) ±3.5 ( ± 0.14)
Suspension Compliance CMS – mm/N 1.1
Electrical Q Factor QES 0.56
QTS 0.44
QMS 2.08
Mech.Resistance RMS – Ohm/meter 1.5
Moving Mass MMS – gr 11
Equiv. Can Air Load VAS – L (cu.ft) 21 (0.74)
Effective Piston Area SD (sq. inch) 119 (18.45)
Cone Type One-piece formed
Cone Material DPC
Unit Diameter mm (inch) 165 (6.50)
Mounting Depth mm (inch) 61 (2.40)
Mounting Cutout mm (inch) 141 (5.55)
Net Weight Kg (lb) 0.60 (1.32) CROSSOVERS MXR240 Crossover Point T: 2200Hz /18dB/Oct Crossover Controls T: 2200Hz / 12dB TWEETERS MT230 Nominal Impedance (Ohm) 4
Power Handling (WRms) 130
Max Transient Power Handling W (10ms) 350
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) dB 93
Frequency Response Hz 1600-25000
FS Hz 1200
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 28 (1.125)
Voice Coil Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire HexatechTM Aluminium
DC Resistance Ohm 5.2
Magnet System Double Magnet Neodymium
Dome Type AcuflexTM Hand Coated Soft Dome
Dome Material Silk
Unit Diameter mm (inch) 45.00 (1.8)
Mounting Depth mm (inch) 20.00 (0.80)
Mounting Cutout mm (inch) 50.00 (2.00)
Net Weight Kg(lb) 0.067 (0.134)

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