Говорители DLS RC6.2Q

Говорители DLS RC6.2Q

494.10 лв.

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494.10 лв.

DLS knows that the small details eventually make a difference, therefore we always keep that in mind when we design and develop new products. One perfect example of this is the DLS original new antivibration PENTA basket. When the magnet motor of a speaker can work without being affected by external vibrations, the sound becomes tighter and clearer. In the DLS PENTA basket, the strong steel basket is reinforced by precision pressed structures running on the sides of each pillar, creating a very rigid assembly plane for the magnet. To further cancel out resonant vibrations the asymmetrical shape with five – rather than the usual four – pillars, also play an important role to avoid mechanical structure standing waves.

The RC6.2Q boast DLS original design, anti-vibration PENTA basket and DLS imprinted logos. The large magnet, rigid aluminum cone woofer has a special rubber dust cap that improves mid/high frequency reproduction and the 28mm silk dome together with a high-grade component crossover give you all the bass power, clarity and warmth that define DLS speakers.

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Woofer size 16,5 cm (6,5″) Cone material Black anodized aluminium cone
Tweeter RC28, 28 mm (1,25″) silk dome tweeter with copper rings
Power handling capacity 100 W RMS / 150 W max / 300 W peak power
Impedance 4 ohm
Frequency range 50 – 25 000 Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB (1W/1m)
Crossover Filter box with 6/12 dB slope (LP/HP)
Crossover point (Hz) 4500 Hz
Size of filter box 145 x 85 x 45 mm ( 5,71 x 3,35 x 1,77″)
Outer diameter of woofer 165 mm (6,5″)
Cone material Black anodized aluminium cone
Magnet size 110 mm (4,33″)
Mounting depth 75 mm ( 3″)
Mounting hole 145 mm (5,7″)

T/S parameters
single V/C
Fs 58,7 Hz  Re 2,3 Ohm  Qms 3,5
Vas 9,65 liter  Vas 0,34  Cuft Qes 0,76
Qts 0,62  Sd 147 cm²  BL 5,06

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