Morel Virtus 402

Morel Virtus 402

499.00 лв.

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499.00 лв.

Автомобилна двукомпонентна аудио система 4″ 10см.

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12 x 48.65 лв.
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2-Way System 4“ 100Watt RMS 88dB 70-4500 Hz The new Virtus series offer Morel’s core technological virtues at an exceptional value.
Comprising of two and three-way component systems , each Virtus system adheres to Morel’s trademark acoustic signature, providing car audio enthusiasts complete system design flexibility for every front, rear and center channel application.
The Virtus series embodies Morel’s technological advancements featuring the Unified woofer chassis—a compact design that allows it to fit in the size constraints of today’s cars, a new MT120 Acuflex™ soft dome tweeter and the new MXR crossover technology for total component integration of the carefully refined acoustic parameters, of the tweeter, midrange and woofer. This culmination of design and technology allows Virtus to bring emotion to music with a balance of rich, natural midrange, high frequency detail and vibrant bass. Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 4
Power Handling Wrms 100
Max. Trans.Pwr Handling Wrms 300
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) 88dB
Frequency Response Hz 70-4500
Resonant Freq. Fs Hz 80
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 54 (2.1)
Voice Coil Height mm (inch) 8 (0.51)
Voice Coil Type/ Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire HexatechTM Aluminum
DC Resistance (Ohms) 3
Voice Coil Induct. @1 kHz (MH) 0.23
Magnet System Double ferrite rear vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height mm (inch) 4 (0.16)
B-Flux Density (T.M.) 0.48
BL Product/BXL 3.33
Max. Linear Ex./Xmax mm (inch) ±2mm (±0.08)
Suspension Compliance CMS – mm/N 0.73
Electrical Q Factor QES 0.76
QTS 0.55
Mech.Resistance RMS – Ohm/meter 1.42
Moving Mass MMS – gr 5.96
Equiv. Can Air Load VAS – L (cu.ft) 4.17 (0.15)
Effective Piston Area SD (sq. inch) 64 (9.92)
Cone Type Formed Paper
Cone Material Composite cellular fiber
Unit Diameter mm (inch) 104 (4.00)
Mounting Depth mm (inch) 50 (2.1)
Mounting Cutout mm (inch) 95 (3.74)
Net Weight Kg (lb) 0.54 (1.92) TWEETERS MT120 Nominal Impedance (Ohm) 4
Power Handling (WRms) 80
Max Transient Power Handling W (10ms) 250
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) dB 90
Frequency Response Hz 1800-22000
FS Hz 1150
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 28 (1.125)
Voice Coil Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire Copper
DC Resistance Ohm 3.7
Magnet System neodynium CROSSOVERS MXR300 Crossover Point W: 500Hz / 12dB M:18dB/ 2200Hz/ 12dB T: 2200Hz / 6dB Crossover Controls Tweeter+/- 2dB Wiring Options N/A
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