Nakamichi NSE-CS1357

Nakamichi NSE-CS1357

109.00 лв.

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109.00 лв.

Автомобилна двукомпонентна система 5″
Цената включва: 2бр. мидбаси + 2бр. високочестотни + 2бр. филтри + аксесоари за монтажа им.

Преглед на количката


5 „2-way component speaker kit

Flexible speaker kit with:
2 5 „speakers 
2 tweeters
2 splitters 

In the package:

  1. Speakers x 2pcs
  2. Ram x 2pcs
  3. Crossover x 2sy
  4. Trebles (with cable) x 2pcs
  5. Screw (Φ4x25mm) x 12pcs
  6. Angle Adapter x 2pcs

Nakamichi’s product line is driven by an intense scientific curiosity and commitment to uncompromising quality and performance.

Since then, Nakamichi has contributed to various innovations in technology, such as the compact disc and similar optical memory systems, paving the way for a whole range of advanced consumer electronics.

Today, Nakamichi is proud of its relentless research and development while delivering some of the world’s best products to people who appreciate the highest quality sound.

Technical data

Model Nakamichi NSE-CS1357
Product ID NSE-CS1357
Power resistance RMS 30W
Frequency range 100Hz -20kHz
Sensitivity (dB / W / m): 87 ± 3dB
Impedance 4 Ohm
Mid-bass size 5 „

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RMS мощност

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