Sundown Audio NeoProV3 8″

Sundown Audio NeoProV3 8″

340.00 лв.

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340.00 лв.

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The NeoPro V3 line is Sundown Audio’s solution to the weak mid-bass produced by „Pro Sound“ style speakers in a car door. Most Pro style speakers are designed for ported boxes as they are re-purposed „club“ or „DJ“ style speakers. The NeoPro line was specifically engineered for car audio usage! The NeoPro speakers are well known for their smooth sound as much as for their incredible levels of output.
Woofer size: 8“ (20cm)
Power handling: 200w RMS
Power handling max:
Sensitivity: 92,8dB ( 1W / 1m )
Impedance: 4 ohm
Mounting depth: 88mm
T/C parameters
Fs : 83 Hz
Vas: 6,8 L
Xmax:  mm
Qms: 4,66
Qes: 0,79
Qts: 0,67
Sd: – cm²
BL: 6,7 T/m
Z: 4 ohms
Mms: 16,5gr
Re: 3,2 ohms

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