DD Audio 608f D2

DD Audio 608f D2

369.00 лв.

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369.00 лв.

8″ (20см) двунамотков субуфер DD Audio / 2 x 2 Ohm / 1000W RMS / 3000W Peak

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The new 600f series offers a selection of DD AUDIO’s most popular subwoofers, which take into account especially the excellent power resistance and are therefore suitable for even harder daily use.

″The subwoofers of the″F″ series are designed to significantly improve heat transfer. The two-stage aluminum heat sink conducts heat away from the moving parts together with the″Free Flow Cooling System″ much better than the traditional engine structure.

Compared to the old d-series, the top plate and voice coil of the elements have been increased, which means that the model series offers an even bigger trajectory = MORE BASSA!

With the increased trajectory, the hangings of the elements are also designed to meet the new requirements. Higher upper suspension, which is attached to the cone by double stitching. The multi-layer underlay ensures better control, tighter bass and longer durability for the element.

The new Redline 600f series is available with 2×2 or 2×4 ohm voice coils. The diameter of the coil is 2.5″. 8″, 10″ and 12″ elements are available.


  • – 20 см говорител

Технически данни

  • – 2x2Ohm
  • – Power handling: 1000W RMS
  • – 3000W Peak
  • – mounting diameter: 187 mm
  • – mounting depth: 165 mm
  • – x-mech: 60 mm
  • – Xmax: 18 mm
  • – fs: 38 Hz
  • – Total Q factor Qts 0.46
  • – left: 7.4 Liter
  • – recommended rated enclosure: 21-35 liter ( NET)
  • – recommended sealed enclosure: 11-22 liter ( NET)

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